17061 JokeWhy do smelly dogs repel away the birds that fly?20 x 2012.02.2019
10722 JokeNever criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. 18 x 1812.01.2018
9153 JokeMy granddad has the heart of a lion and 18 x 1826.10.2017
9147 JokeIf at first you don't succeed, 18 x 1814.10.2017
8270 JokeMy car horn now sounds like gunshots. 18 x 1820.08.2017
7507 JokeWhen I see lovers' names carved in a tree, I don't think it's sweet. 20 x 2005.05.2017
6729 JokeQ: Why did Adele cross the road? A:20 x 2023.03.2017
4830 JokeI’ve no home, I haven’t got control, I can’t see any escape. 18 x 1814.11.2016