7528 JokeWhy is it a bad idea to insult an octopus? 13 x 1314.06.2017
7525 Joke“Waiter, take your thumb off my schnitzel immediately!” 15 x 1510.06.2017
7522 JokeTwo years ago I asked the girl of my dreams on a date, today I ...12 x 1204.06.2017
7519 JokeWhen I look at chocolate, I hear two voices in my head. The ...12 x 1229.05.2017
7516 JokeA man goes to the lawyer: “What is your fee?” Lawyer says: “1000 ...13 x 1321.05.2017
7513 JokeShe: I have a doctor’s appointment today but I really don’t want ...13 x 1317.05.2017
7510 JokeI’ve been really depressed lately. A friend told me I should go ...16 x 1611.05.2017
7507 JokeWhen I see lovers' names carved in a tree, I don't think it's sweet. 20 x 2005.05.2017
7067 JokeQ: What’s the best thing about Switzerland? A: 13 x 1329.04.2017
7065 JokeQ: If you have 13 apples in one hand and 10 oranges in the other, ...9 x 925.04.2017
7063 JokeDon't break anybody's heart; they only have one.17 x 1721.04.2017
7060 JokeQ: Why can't you trust an atom? A: 15 x 1515.04.2017
7057 JokeIf you ever get cold, just stand in the corner of a room for a while. 13 x 1309.04.2017
7054 JokeMy friend told me he had the body of a Greek god. 13 x 1303.04.2017
6732 JokeMath Teacher: "If I have 5 bottles in one hand and 6 in the other ...15 x 1529.03.2017
6729 JokeQ: Why did Adele cross the road? A:20 x 2023.03.2017
6726 JokeTeacher: "Which book has helped you the most in your life?" Student:13 x 1317.03.2017
6723 JokeMy friend thinks he is smart. He told me an onion is the only ...13 x 1311.03.2017
4823 JokeQ: How does a crazy person travel through the woods? A: 13 x 1322.11.2016
4825 JokeQ: What did the apple say to the worm? A: 11 x 1120.11.2016