9149 RiddleI have a head but no body, a heart but no blood. Just leaves and ...10 x 1018.10.2017
9148 QuoteJean de La Fontaine: Sadness flies away 13 x 1316.10.2017
9147 JokeIf at first you don't succeed, 18 x 1814.10.2017
9146 RiddlePeople buy me to eat, but never eat me. What am I? 12 x 1212.10.2017
9145 QuoteAlbert Einstein: The true sign of intelligence is not13 x 1310.10.2017
9144 JokeDoctor: You're overweight. Patient: I think I want a second ...12 x 1208.10.2017
9143 RiddleWhat is it something that you always have but you always leave ...10 x 1007.10.2017
9142 QuoteBertrand Russell: The good life is one inspired by love and13 x 1304.10.2017
9141 JokeLight travels faster than sound. This is why some people14 x 1402.10.2017
9140 RiddleWhat never asks questions but is always answered?11 x 1130.09.2017
9139 QuoteWilliam S. Burroughs: The aim of education is the knowledge, 13 x 1328.09.2017
9138 JokeFor anyone who think a woman's place is in the kitchen, remember14 x 1426.09.2017
9137 RiddleThis old one runs forever, but never moves at all. He has not ...10 x 1024.09.2017
9136 QuoteFrancis of Assisi: Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. 15 x 1522.09.2017
9135 JokeI wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, 13 x 1320.09.2017
9134 RiddleWhat has cities, but no houses; forests, but no trees; and water, ...9 x 918.09.2017
9132 QuoteJane Austen:There is no charm equal to 13 x 1316.09.2017
9131 JokeWhat do you call a bear with no teeth? -- 12 x 1214.09.2017
9130 RiddleThere was a plane crash every single person died. Who survived? 12 x 1212.09.2017
9129 QuoteFranklin D. Roosevelt: When you reach the end of your rope, 13 x 1310.09.2017