12427 RiddleWhat costs nothing but is very hard to find and can easily be ...12 x 1225.05.2018
12426 JokeWhen a guy says he likes girls with a sense of humor, he doesn't ...15 x 1523.05.2018
12425 QuoteNeil Armstrong: Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the15 x 1521.05.2018
12424 RiddleI am a container with no sides and no lid, yet golden treasure ...9 x 919.05.2018
12423 Joke“Little Johnny, why did you put your teddy in the freezer?” 14 x 1417.05.2018
12422 QuoteAlbert Einstein: Once we accept our limits, 12 x 1215.05.2018
12421 RiddleWhat has a bed but doesn’t sleep and a mouth but never eats? 9 x 913.05.2018
12420 JokeWhy is it a bad idea to insult an octopus? 13 x 1311.05.2018
12419 QuoteLeonardo da Vinci: Simplicity is 14 x 1409.05.2018
12418 RiddleI can be made and I can be played. I can be cracked and I can be ...10 x 1007.05.2018
12417 JokeWhat did the judge ask when he went to the dentist? 17 x 1705.05.2018
12416 QuoteTheodore Roosevelt: Nobody cares how much you know, until 15 x 1503.05.2018
12415 RiddleIf you are running in a race and pass the second place person, ...11 x 1101.05.2018
12414 Joke“Waiter, take your thumb off my schnitzel immediately!” 15 x 1529.04.2018
12413 QuoteCharles Baudelaire: Everything that is beautiful and noble is 14 x 1427.04.2018
12412 RiddleI have a head and no body, but I do have a tail. What am I? 10 x 1025.04.2018
12411 JokeMy wife is a bit weird. She always starts her talking with 14 x 1423.04.2018
12410 QuoteHonore de Balzac: One should believe in marriage as 14 x 1421.04.2018
12409 RiddleWhat runs around a house but does not move? 10 x 1019.04.2018
12408 JokeShe: I have a doctor’s appointment today but I really don’t want ...13 x 1317.04.2018