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Rules for solving word search puzzles

Rules are simple. In a word search it is necessary to find all the words from the list. In a word search words can be placed: from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top or diagonally in all four directions.

After crossing out all the words in a word search some letters will remain not crossed out. When you read them line by line, from left to right, they are the solution of the word search.

How to create a word search

Creating a word search is now very easy. All it takes is to have a favourite quote or a joke that you would like to share with others . Divide the text into an opening text that will be shown and the text that you want to hide in the word search. Specify word search dimensions and press the button Create. Smaller word search puzzles can be usually generated in few minutes. If you are not able to generate a word search, we will provide you with the option to register your email and we will notify you when the word search is ready.

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  • Defining your words which will form the word search
  • Word searches in foreign languages - Word search puzzles with word lists in english language but with words forming the word search in a foreign language

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The latest word search puzzles

JokeWhen a guy says he likes girls with a sense of humor, he doesn't ...15 x 1523.05.2018
QuoteNeil Armstrong: Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the15 x 1521.05.2018
RiddleI am a container with no sides and no lid, yet golden treasure ...9 x 919.05.2018
Joke“Little Johnny, why did you put your teddy in the freezer?” 14 x 1417.05.2018
QuoteAlbert Einstein: Once we accept our limits, 12 x 1215.05.2018
RiddleWhat has a bed but doesn’t sleep and a mouth but never eats? 9 x 913.05.2018
JokeWhy is it a bad idea to insult an octopus? 13 x 1311.05.2018
QuoteLeonardo da Vinci: Simplicity is 14 x 1409.05.2018
RiddleI can be made and I can be played. I can be cracked and I can be ...10 x 1007.05.2018
JokeWhat did the judge ask when he went to the dentist? 17 x 1705.05.2018
QuoteTheodore Roosevelt: Nobody cares how much you know, until 15 x 1503.05.2018
RiddleIf you are running in a race and pass the second place person, ...11 x 1101.05.2018
Joke“Waiter, take your thumb off my schnitzel immediately!” 15 x 1529.04.2018
QuoteCharles Baudelaire: Everything that is beautiful and noble is 14 x 1427.04.2018
RiddleI have a head and no body, but I do have a tail. What am I? 10 x 1025.04.2018
JokeMy wife is a bit weird. She always starts her talking with 14 x 1423.04.2018
QuoteHonore de Balzac: One should believe in marriage as 14 x 1421.04.2018
RiddleWhat runs around a house but does not move? 10 x 1019.04.2018
JokeShe: I have a doctor’s appointment today but I really don’t want ...13 x 1317.04.2018
QuoteMichael J. Fox: Family is not 14 x 1415.04.2018
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